12-hour Telethon for Armenian Humanitarian Relief Hosted by Maria Mehranian

(Los Angeles, CA)– Cordoba Corporation’s Managing Partner, Maria Mehranian, hosts 12-hour long telethon on Thanksgiving day to raise funds for Armenian humanitarian relief. Armenia Fund’s 2016 Artsakh Telethon will be held from 10am to 10pm PST on KSMV and KVMD in California and will raise funds to help restore civilian infrastructure damaged during the recent, four-day war, and provide critical humanitarian relief for those affected by the atrocities.

A message from Maria: This passing year has brought new challenges for the people of Armenia and Artsakh. In April the people of Artsakh faced an unprecedented full scale military aggression by Azerbaijan’s armed forces that brought large scale destruction to homes and schools in Talish, Mataghis, Martakert and other towns in Artsakh. Almost daily we hear President Aliyev’s new threats to take over Artsakh by force.

As a united people we have a responsibility to analyze the lessons of the April war in order to be able to withstand the security challenges of the new reality and act accordingly. My contacts with the highest political and military leaders of Armenia and Artsakh as well as my personal visits to the frontlines this summer reassured me that the defenses of my homeland and its military capabilities have been enhanced dramatically.

I appeal to you to be proactive and work ahead of time by making a generous tax-deductible donation to save Armenian lives in case of an another attack. We need to help the people of Artsakh with absolute necessities– from bomb shelters, first aid medicines, emergency and trauma kits, tents, warm blankets, non-perishable food items, water purification systems, portable kitchens and civil defense classes in all schools. I thank you in advance for your generosity and care towards the people of Artsakh.

Maria Mehranian
President, Armenia Fund
Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer, Cordoba Corporation


For further broadcast information visit: ArmeniaFund.org