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A Message from the Founder & CEO

Dear Friends – 

This year marks Cordoba Corporation’s 40 year anniversary. What started as an idea in a living room has evolved into the Cordoba Corporation we all know today, with nearly 600 employees and 9 offices statewide. 

As I take time to reflect on the past 40 years, I am truly humbled by how far we have come. The sheer fact that we have been in business for 40 years makes me realize that we simply, did things right.  

In the corporate world of mergers, acquisitions, and closures, Cordoba continues to be a privately held firm since Day 1. We powered through recessions, and even increased our annual revenue during a pandemic after we confidently committed to retaining all our employees and optimized our workplace environment as we adapted to a remote, and now hybrid workforce. 

In 1983, I started Cordoba Corporation to make a difference in our community. In 2023, this motivation and intention remains true to the core of our foundation. Our ability to focus on long term planning, excellent client service, and great culture is what helps us succeed time and time again. As we continue with this strategy, I am grateful to all our team members, friends, partners, and clients that have been part of this journey and continues to put their trust in us.

We are local, we are technically strong, we are diverse, and we give back.

Onward to another 40 years and beyond!

George L. Pla,
Founder & CEO
Cordoba Corporation