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Another Historic Space Artifact Journey Through Los Angeles City Streets


The last flight-qualified external tank in existence, ET-94, will soon be heading for display at the California Science Center and Cordoba Corporation is helping to get it there.


Cordoba Corporation and Parsons engineering firms are both volunteering their services to transport ET-94 from the state of Louisiana to California. ET-94 will travel from NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans through the Panama Canal by barge to Los Angeles, then on through city streets, pulled by a truck on dollies, to its final destination the California Science Center’s Samuel Oschin Pavilion to join Endeavor Space Shuttle once again. It will leave New Orleans on April 12, 2016 and is expected to arrive at the Science Center May 21, 2016. The tank is neither as wide nor as high as Endeavour, and because of this, fewer utilities will be impacted and no trees will be removed along ET’s route from the coast to Exposition Park. The journey through the streets to the Science Center is expected to take 13-18 hours.

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Street map of Los Angeles showing the route ET-94 will take from Marina del Rey to the California Science Center. (CSC)

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