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California State University Staff Augmentation Services

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Project Name

California State University Staff Augmentation Services


The California State University System




The California State University (CSU) system is the largest public university system in the United States. It comprises 23 campuses and seven off-campus centers and educates nearly a half million students and confers over 110,000 degrees each year. CSUs have provided affordable education opportunities for traditionally underserved communities and graduates of community colleges. The development and maintenance of facilities is key to establishing a conducive educational environment.

Cordoba’s Role

The Cordoba team provides a variety of services via staff augmentation engagements at six (6) CSU campuses: Fullerton, Long Beach, Dominguez Hills, Maritime Academy and Northridge. These services are tailored to the needs at each campus. Cordoba brings in team members with the direct expertise necessary to facilitate the successful delivery of projects of various sizes.

CSU Dominguez Hills ‑‑ Cordoba provided a senior construction manager for a portfolio of minor capital projects. The work included helping Dominguez Hills program staff to expedite permitting and project close-out. Pre-existing timing and inspection issues were successfully mitigated by Cordoba staff stepping in and working directly with the State Fire Marshal, and developing and validating documentation to meet the requirements to obtain Certificates of Occupancy. In addition to minor capital projects, staff is providing CM services for four projects currently in progress: Basic Needs Center (COE renovation) – Phases 0 – 2, Women’s Resource Center Building renovation and trailer, gym/locker rooms renovation, and Welch Hall 470 tenant improvements.

CSU Fullerton ‑‑ Cordoba provided staff augmentation services including project management and architectural drafting. When Cordoba came onto the job, there were 220+ outstanding minor capital projects that needed to be brought to a manageable level. Our team quickly brought the number down to 75 by collaborating with engineers to develop a set of construction documents that guided working closely with the staff of electricians and plumbers.

The Cordoba team also collaborated to develop and manage their ADA Transition Plan, creating a draft, and meeting with the Chancellor’s Office staff who approved the approach to proceed. The final transition plan was then completed in compliance and coordination with Fullerton. Notably, this approved plan became a model for other campuses on how to do transition plans.

CSU Long Beach‑‑ Cordoba provided construction managers to Long Beach, which is short-staffed and needed assistance to complete their mid-size and minor capital projects. The projects that are in progress or have been completed include: parking structure wi-fi system; Foundation Build – SFM violations; Liberal Arts Building 1 first floor renovations; cell towers construction; Housing and Residential Life Parkside dining expansion; campus road repairs phase 1 and phase 2; an affordable housing project; Building A & B restroom renovation; Hillside and I-House door hardware upgrades; and campus wide outdoor classrooms.

CSU Northridge ‑‑ Cordoba has worked with CSU Northridge to provide comprehensive project management services for the Sierra Annex Academic Building project, the Equity Innovative Hub Academic Building and minor capital projects.

Cal Maritime – The Cal Maritime campus provides academic and maritime operations and is preparing for the arrival of the next generation of state-of-the-art training ships. Their dual roles of training and service places unique demands on the landside and in-water infrastructure supporting the Cal Maritime home port. Cordoba professionals are providing program and construction management services for Phase One efforts to improve upland operational areas and site infrastructure. Operational and site infrastructure improvements include expansion of the existing main pier, dredging of the main pier berth pocket boat basin and approaches, installation of navigation aids, installation of new floating and training docks. Services include design management, construction management, engineering, and procurement and management of service providers (contractors and vendors).

CSU Pomona ‑‑ Cordoba and HGA Architects are preparing a feasibility study for the Cal Poly Pomona Library renovation. The original library was constructed in the 1950s. The building now requires significant code upgrades including fire/life safety and seismic. The Cordoba/HGA team and consultants devised an exterior seismic bracing solution that will minimize impacts of new library footings while opening more glazed walls from the library to create new study spaces with terrific campus views. The University is reviewing early recommendations and updating/revising the project scope.



• Program mobilization and set up

• Design management

• Drafting architectural drawing for minor construction projects

• Reviewing and updating educational specifications and design standards

• Assisting with prequalification and selection of architects and engineers

• Procurement of construction contracts

• Oversight of construction personnel and program delivery strategies

• Construction management

• Project controls and reporting

• Closeout

• Post-construction management services