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Cordoba Corporation Celebrates Recent “Blueprint for Success” Program Graduates!

group of employeesAt Cordoba Corporation, human capital is our greatest asset. We invest significant time and effort in recruiting our Cordoba Team Members and building upon the value of these “assets” for the long-term. We endeavor to retain our Cordoba Team Members by creating an environment of employee satisfaction and a sense of ownership in the company’s mission.

As part of our effort to provide professional development opportunities for our Cordoba Team Members, we provide an internal education and professional training program called “Blueprint for Success”.

The Blueprint for Success Program is designed to provide participants with exposure to all facets of Cordoba Corporation’s business.  Sessions cover the following topics: Cordoba Leadership and History; Overview of Services and Experience; Finance and Profitability; Client Relations/Management; and Work-Life Balance.

Eighteen Cordoba Team Members recently graduated from the Blueprint for Success program. They started their Blueprint for Success journey in late 2019 at a kickoff workshop with Cordoba Founder & CEO George L. Pla.  Thereafter, program participants attended sessions workshops facilitated by  Cordoba’s Managing Partner Maria Mehranian, Executive Vice President & COO Randall D. Martinez, and Senior Vice Presidents Lucy Labruzzo and Michael Boomsma.

Over the past few months, the Blueprint for Success participants made their final presentations about their Blueprint experience to Cordoba’s Senior Management Team.  An initial group of participants provided their final presentations in person, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the final groups provided their presentations via video conference.  The presentations provided participants with the opportunity to test their presentation and public speaking skills, and share what resonated from their Blueprint for Success journey.


Congratulations to Cordoba’s Recent  Blueprint for Success Program Graduates!

San Diego/Santa Ana Class

Trina Abbott

Sergio Aquino

Marlen Casas

Jomel Castillejos

Toni Cross

Chelsea Grace

Alex Pulido

Andy Stokes

Brenda Valencia

Hector Vivian

Peter Yu

 Los Angeles/Santa Ana Class

Melissa de la Pena

Ben Miller

Ivan Perez

Steven Ross

Kay Taheri

Manish Trivedi


More information about Cordoba Corporation’s Blueprint for Success Program can be found in the following video link.

Photo Details
Blueprint for Success Team Members at the Santa Ana Office in February 2020 (from left to right):  Founder & CEO George L. Pla, Business Analyst Toni Cross, Project Manager Marlen Casas, Field Engineer Andy Stokes, Field Engineer Chelsea Grace, Executive Vice President & COO Randall D. Martinez, Senior Vice President Lucy Labruzzo, Engineering and Design Quality Project Manager Alex Pulido, Engineer Sergio Aquino, and Senior Vice President Michael Boomsma.  

Not Pictured
Senior Project Manager Melissa de la Pena and Senior Construction Manager Kay Taheri, who presented at the Los Angeles Office in February 2020. Senior Project Manager Trina Abbott, Senior Project Engineer Jomel Castillejos, Engineering Design Manager David Garza, Project Manager Ben Miller, Project Engineer Ivan Perez, Program Director Steven Ross, Senior Construction Manager Manish Trivedi, Project Engineer Brenda Valencia, Project Manager Hector Vivian, and Senior Project Manager Peter Yu, who presented via Zoom during Summer 2020.