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Cordoba Corporation Recognized by Orange Unified School District

A group of people stands outside El Modena High School in front of a Cordoba Corporation sign. The group includes individuals wearing turquoise shirts with the Cordoba Corporation logo and others in business casual attire, smiling for the photo. The school building and signage are visible in the background on a sunny day.

Our Founder and CEO George L. Pla and our Senior Program Director & Development Specialist David Hahn were welcomed at El Modena High School to be recognized for helping Orange Unified School District (OUSD) build and support a strong academic foundation that is essential for students to succeed in higher education and beyond. 

As a group of inspired and involved teachers, parents, and community leaders, the Orange Unified Public School Foundation joined the members of the School Board to recognize Cordoba Corporation for its commitment to revitalize the educational landscape within the Orange Unified School District.