Cordoba Expands its Energy Services throughout California

Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan (PSEP)

Southern California Gas Company

Cordoba Corporation is providing project management, construction management, staff augmentation services, and pipeline design services for Sempra Energy’s $3 Billion Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan. Outside the PSEP program, Cordoba is also providing staff augmentation services and quality control for the SoCal Gas Transmission Operations.

For the past year, Cordoba has been working with The Gas Company to provide the services listed below under three contract mechanisms: two direct contracts with the Gas Company, and one subcontract through Jacobs, the PSEP Program Manager.

PSEP Pipeline Design – Cordoba is performing planning and design services for the testing and replacement of three gas pipeline segments in Brea and Moreno Valley.  Our scope includes the selection of the routing and configuration, the selection of pipe and fittings, preparation of bill of material, pot holing plans, complex shoring and construction layout planning.   During the design, we worked to resolve numerous complications including congested intersection of major thoroughfares – including an active rail line, flood control channel, high voltage transmission lines, high pressure water line, multiple high pressure petroleum lines, and large sewer transmission lines.  All work follows the Gas Company prescribed PSEP Seven Gate Process. Based on our successful performance to date, we have recently been assigned two additional pipeline replacements including a two mile line replacement in San Joaquin Valley.

PSEP Environmental Project Management – Cordoba is providing project management services on behalf of the Gas Company.  Working with numerous agencies to obtain environmental permits and supporting environmental compliance activities.  This includes coordination and management of the Gas Company’s environmental consultant.

PSEP Construction Inspection – As a subcontractor to Jacobs, Cordoba is providing QA/QC personnel in the pipeline auditing and CWI inspection programs for PSEP.

Gas Transmission Operations – Cordoba is providing construction management and quality control support services for the Gas Company Operations group. These services are for projects not included in the PSEP program.

As a result of our successful performance, The Gas Company management team for the PSEP program has recently approached Cordoba to provide additional services including municipal permit coordinator and traffic control plans.  These services are currently under negotiation and work is expected to begin in December.

Engineering Group Staff Augmentation
San Diego Gas & Electric

Since August 2013, Cordoba has provided engineering and technical support services to augment San Diego Gas & Electric’s Engineering Group. Cordoba is currently providing value engineering, technical reviews and construction inspection services with an emphasis on electrical undergrounding projects. Cordoba anticipates services to expand to Primavera scheduling and additional quality control field inspections services.

Cordoba staff included a underground high-voltage cable technician who ensured that all the underground cable splicing was performed correctly and met the highest safety guidelines for high-voltage cable splicing.  The voltage ranged over 100 kB.