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Hispanic Heritage Month Flashback – Latino Leaders Magazine Honors Cordoba Corp Founder & CEO George L. Pla

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are pleased to share that Latino Leaders Magazine honored Cordoba Corporation Founder & CEO George L. Pla with the Maestro Award for Entrepreneurship at its Maestros Virtual Celebration Experience in August 2020.

Due to the virtual format of this year’s Maestro Awards, the honorees were provided an opportunity to share about their experiences in pre-recorded interviews with Latino Leaders Magazine President and Publisher Jorge Farraez.  A video clip of George’s interview is provided below.

The video includes an introduction by California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley, as well as photo montages highlighting George’s career and the history of Cordoba Corporation. In addition to being a wonderful tribute to George, the video provides insight into George’s early life, starting with how he and his family arrived in Boyle Heights in pursuit of the American Dream after immigrating from Mexico.

George shares about his educational journey and what he learned while working as senior economic development advisor to Governor Jerry Brown during his first administration. His story comes full circle as George explains how his experience working for the State of California provided him with the insight into our state’s infrastructure needs, and how this led to his vision for Cordoba Corporation, which he founded over 37 years ago.

Finally, the video includes a discussion about George’s book Power Shift – How Latinos in California Transformed Politics in America, and plans for two follow up books that will constitute the “Power Shift Trilogy”, along with a documentary and an institute planned at California State University, Los Angeles.  George shares how all of these relate to Cordoba Corporation and our mission to Make a Difference where we live and work.

Please enjoy the video in the following link: Latino Leaders Maestro Awards 2020 Honoring Cordoba Corp Founder & CEO George L. Pla