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MacArthur Lake Stormwater Capture Project

Ballona Creek

Project Name

MacArthur Lake Stormwater Capture Project


LA Sanitation and Environment (LASAN)




Measure W, passed in 2018, created a special parcel tax that formed the Safe Clean Water Program (SCWP). It has already funded over 100 projects throughout the region, which includes the MacArthur Lake Stormwater Capture Project.

The MacArthur Lake Stormwater Capture Project aims to achieve regulatory NPDES compliance for the Ballona Creek watershed, enhance lake water quality, offset potable water use using captured stormwater, and provide tangible community investment benefits. This project will also enhance the park through sustainable greening by increasing regional educational opportunities as well as improving the recreational value of the park and will set the stage for future projects that will enhance and revitalize the park.

Cordoba’s Role

Cordoba developed a Project Definition Report (PDR) to select a viable alternative for design considering all past studies, current land use, and the Los Angeles County Safe, Clean Water Program (SCWP) stormwater quality objectives. The major components of the Project include storm water diversion, capture, treatment, and reuse.

Using maps and drawings of the park surrounding area, the Cordoba team compared recent survey data and found it did not match the elevations shown on the original maps and drawings. The team verified land elevations, confirmed the datums used in these maps and drawings, and finalized actual land elevations. During the scoping phase, the team evaluated the storm drain network and catchment areas associated with different points on the network. From this evaluation, the most practical location for stormwater diversion to capture from the largest tributary area was established.

Following development of the PDR and upon confirmation of the selected alternative, Cordoba started designing a stormwater capture and reuse project for MacArthur Lake to divert up to 15 cubic feet per second of stormwater from a storm drain and treat it using nature-based treatment techniques to provide up to 171 acre-feet of water per year for lake replenishment and park irrigation.


Engineering design


Survey management