Andrew Bayne

Senior Program Manager, Environmental Specialist

Recognition & Awards

  • B.A., Health and Human Performance, Brigham Young University

Andrew Bayne is an environmental planning and regulatory compliance project manager with relevant experience assisting private sector clients and public agencies. He has managed the preparation of state, federal, and joint environmental review documents for many different types of projects including major restoration programs and plans, specific and general plans, water supply reliability projects, surface transportation projects, and domestic water and wastewater reclamation master plans and projects.

In addition to his CEQA/NEPA expertise, Andrew’s experience includes preparing execution budgets, project risk assessment and contingency planning, and project execution with ISO 9000 credentialed quality control management systems. His work has required coordination with numerous agencies and regulations including the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development, Railroad Flat Water Pipeline and Water Storage Tank IS/MND and EA/FONSI, Section 404 Nationwide Permit Authorization, and Section 7 ESA Consultation, Union Public Utilities District, Union Public Utilities District Water Storage Tank IS/MND, and Section 106 National Historic Resources Preservation Act Consultation.