TransBayTerminal Construction

San Francisco Transbay Transit Center Construction Management Services

San Francisco, CA

Since 2010, Cordoba Corporation has been part of the Construction Management Oversight Team (led by Turner Construction) providing construction services, which have included inspection services of the pile driving, excavation, and utilities work.

The Transbay Transit Center Project, also known as the “Grand Central Station of the West”, is a $4 billion project that will add state-of-the-art transportation and housing facilities in the heart of San Francisco and be at the center of San Francisco’s regional transportation system. On top of being the main connection point for the California High-Speed Rail system, the new terminal will also be the main regional transit hub connecting eight Bay Area counties through 10 other transit systems plus the future high-speed rail from San Francisco to southern California. A CM at-risk project, the Center is helping to establish a new neighborhood with homes, offices, parks, and commercial uses.