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Regional Transportation Planning Support


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Cordoba Corp provides transportation planning support services to the Transportation Corridor Agencies in order to develop information on current and future travel patterns and traffic flow in southern Orange County.

Study targets include access to I-5, the Pacific Coast Highway, and toll rolls such as State Route 73 and State Route 241. The information is used as part of an outreach effort to existing and potential stakeholders to explore methods and opportunities to more effectively balance traffic demand across free and toll facilities to enhance toll road utilization and benefit overall mobility in Orange County.
The effort will build upon previous analyses Cordoba employees performed as part of the Orange County Transportation Authority’s (OCTA) South Orange County Major Investment Study. Cordoba Corporation will be coordinating with OCTA, as well as the San Diego Association of Governments and the Southern California Association of Governments to evaluate existing traffic volumes and demographics data and future forecasts to develop a complete picture for stakeholders of existing and forecast travel demand in South Orange County.

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Cordoba Corporation’s planning services support ongoing efforts to develop projects that ease congestion on key roadways in southern Orange County.



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