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Santa Ana – Garden Grove Fixed Guideway

Map of 405 and 22 Freeways

Project Name

Santa Ana – Garden Grove Fixed Guideway


Orange County Transportation Agency (OCTA)




The Santa Ana and Garden Grove Fixed Guideway Corridor is envisioned to become the backbone of Santa Ana’s overall vision for enhanced mobility, connectivity, access and economic development in central Orange County. For the City of Garden Grove, the project extends the reach of Metrolink for its residents and businesses and generally enhances its regional connectivity. The fixed guideway project will provide high frequency transit service between the Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center and a new multi-modal transportation center in the city of Garden Grove. It will provide access to Santa Ana’s historic downtown area and the Civic Center where city, county, state and federal government offices and courthouses are located. It will also provide access to several transit-oriented areas within both cities. Extending between the Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center, and Harbor Boulevard at Westminster Avenue, the streetcar will extend the reach of Metrolink for residents and businesses in central Orange County, provide “last mile” connectivity and provide improved regional access for employees and visitors to key destinations within the study area.

Cordoba’s Role

As a prime consultant with team member HNTB, Cordoba Corporation successfully completed the Go Local Step 2 Work Program, preparing the project for ownership, operations and management by OCTA, acceptance into Project Development by FTA, and advancement into design. The Cordoba team worked closely with the cities of Santa Ana and Garden Grove, OCTA, and the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA).

This phase of the Santa Ana-Garden Grove Fixed Guideway Project consisted of detailed planning and alternatives analysis, conceptual engineering, and environmental compliance. The study process was consistent with FTA requirements for pursuing New/Small Starts Funding. The environmental analysis satisfied the requirements of both the California Environmental Quality Act and the National Environmental Policy Act. At the end of the study process, a locally preferred alternative was recommended and adopted by Santa Ana and Garden Grove City Councils. The City of Santa Ana certified the Final Environmental Impact Report and submitted to FTA for New Starts funding and to OCTA for consideration for Step 3 (design and construction) funding. The resulting streetcar system is slated to begin operations in 2025.


  • Program management
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Funding support
  • Planning
  • Conceptual engineering
  • Capital cost estimates