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SoCalGas L1005

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Project Name

SoCalGas L1005


So Cal Gas


Energy — Gas


The SoCalGas L1005 program comprises projects spanning multiple jurisdictions along their pipeline alignment from Ventura to Santa Barbara. The program aims to ensure compliance with updated utility regulations. The specific scopes of work range from integrity digs, hydrostatic tests, class location mediation, shallow cover remediation to validation.

This complex project is located in a rural and urban environment requiring extensive planning and coordination with landowners, private institutions, and other internal stakeholder groups (i.e., engineering, land services, pipeline integrity, etc.). Significant coordination with permitting agencies was required to secure encroachment and traffic control permits.

The project includes intricacies in multiple test breaks, water management through remote mountainous terrain, and project phasing to ensure successful and efficient completion with minimal operational impacts.

Cordoba’s Role

Cordoba has been contracted to serve as the Owner Engineer and provide main engineering/design firm for a large portion of the individual projects. Cordoba also manages multiple disciplines such as environmental surveys, construction phasing, and land negotiations with the Bureau of Land Management.

The Cordoba team provides a full range of engineering and design services and project management support to complete a hydrotest of a 20” and 22” diameter natural gas pipeline. Project challenges include high-elevation changes through a rural environment requiring investigation into test breaks and confirmation of work site access and the difficult crossing through various jurisdictional rights-of-way. Coordination needed to be facilitated between multiple groups. Due to our detailed internal review process and by leveraging our program manager’s extensive knowledge of the client’s operations, we discovered that many of these projects could be completed concurrently. Cordoba was able to gather the appropriate stake holders and combine these projects to reduce construction mobilization costs, operations down time, permitting issues, and reduce laydown yard costs as well.

Because of the organizational efficiencies gained, we were able to free up internal client resources allowing for faster projects execution for design and engineering. These efficiencies allowed us to support the client by bringing adjacent projects into the program and enabling the client to focus on other projects.


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Project management

Construction management

Stakeholder coordination