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Space Shuttle Endeavour 

The California Science Center turned to Cordoba Corp to transport the Space Shuttle Endeavour because we understood the locations and street conditions as well as having direct experience working with the affected stakeholder agencies that the shuttle would have to pass through and impact.

To overcome the logistical challenges, Cordoba Corporation’s team of talented experts not only needed to meticulously engineer the route, but had to coordinate with the various agencies representing two distinct cities – Los Angeles and Inglewood – and consider the needs of the surrounding communities. With this in mind, our professionals selected a route that would go around historic districts and minimize the impact to mature trees. Anee Elizabeth Powell, Editor in Chief at ASCE Civil Engineering Magazine said, “These solutions called upon the ingenuity, creativity, knowledge, and expertise of civil engineers who didn’t flinch at the enormity and complexity of Mission 26 and who developed a program for that mission that did the profession proud.”

Cordoba Corporation and the rest of the team working on the space shuttle move safely delivered Endeavour to the California Science Center while 1.5 million cheering bystanders watched this historic event.