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3 Reasons Engineers and Project Managers Should Use BlueBeam


Infrastructure development is one of the industries that require massive investments in technology. Since the Adobe systems penetrated the scientific and engineering world, the PDF has been the most valuable file format in communicating across project segments and team members.

However, as projects become more complex and engaging, the technology of Adobe Acrobat showed lacks in several departments: the limited functionality, the lesser flexibility in usage, the high pricing. The BlueBeam software comes as a solution to all these issues and maximizes the efficiency of an engineering team.

BlueBeam is alternative PDF software, admired for its creation and editing solutions and specifically designed for architects, engineers or constructors. The main benefit of this program is that it brings flexibility and improves project management by also saving time and money.


Improving Your Customer Relationships

One of the best things about this type of software is that it allows multiple people to engage in the completion of one project. Through BlueBeam, clients can have better access to the process of design development, and it allows them to decide on the desired changes in the project before the start of the construction. Such level of cooperation between clients and providers helps avoid many arguments regarding the development and implementation of the project and eases the whole process.

Making Your Teams More Productive

Another advantage of using the BlueBeam software is that it allows teams to collaborate in real time. Attendees can join an online session for chatting and making changes on the same PDF. This tool reduces the need for paper trailing, as changes and comments can be made in a quicker way. Also, the easily customizable interface that allows users to pan and zoom the drawing then split the screens for multiple PDFs at the same time, auto mark the page labels, increases the productivity, and helps team members finish the same amount of work in less time than before.


Helping You Plan and Sequence More Efficiently

In the construction process, planning might take a huge amount of time, as the process of reviewing the project documents is complex, especially when it involves many subcontractors. The BlueBeam software has many tools that ease the process. Team members can review the plans online in link with the 3D models, thus allowing them to compare and understand how the systems work. Project Managers can assist the process by using color coding and other means of identification. Moreover, each modification brought to the original project is overlaid, so that all new and old versions of the same project can be compared and analyzed whenever the need.

BlueBeam is helping to speed up the whole designing and construction process, as it’s easiness of use makes it a valuable tool for any company. Providing such type of intuitive tools is very important not only for improving the operational system but also for streamlining the company’s efforts in finalizing a project and allowing the business to grow.