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Applying Statewide Expertise to Every Project

Cordoba professionals proactively identify and integrate community/civic needs and stay informed about regulatory and policy issues. This enables us to serve as trusted advisors to our clients in their decision-making and planning activities.

We apply cross-functional core competencies and resources while leveraging best practices from each of our sectors to ensure we deliver quality results on time and within budget to meet the needs of our clients and their stakeholders.

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Wastewater Treatment

Cordoba Corporation assists our clients who are at the forefront of issues that concern infrastructure reliability, public health, and environmental sustainability. Looked to as thought leaders on understanding the complexities of our systems, Cordoba experts guide our wastewater clients with extensive background on navigating our infrastructure crisis, socioeconomic consequences, untreated wastewater, and public awareness.

Tunnels, Conveyance & Distribution

Clients look to Cordoba Corporation to assist in addressing critical water challenges and enhance resilience in urban environments. Our knowledge in infrastructure and management help develop long-term strategies for efficient water distribution and collection. We assist our clients in ensuring the integrity and functionality of existing pipelines and infrastructure, and plan for innovative methods while also taking into consideration wet weather management, asset management, and distribution and supply systems.


Our clients in the water industry are working to create resilient, sustainable systems, while tackling various environmental challenges. Cordoba Corporation assists in navigating through environmental concerns such as climate change, contaminants, resource efficiency, and overall climate change.


Cordoba Corporation draws on its expertise in stormwater policy and focuses on mitigating environmental impacts while ensuring effective water management. Our extensive knowledge related to urban development and environmental impact include water quality, hydrology and flow, groundwater recharge, and overall stormwater management practices.

Watershed Management

The watershed industry focuses on infrastructure renewal, water quality, and climate resilience. Cordoba Corporation experts assist our clients in finding ways to adapt to changing weather patterns, including droughts and extreme wet weather events as we have seen in the recent years. Our extensive knowledge in water contaminants and water quality and its impact on ecosystems and public health is highly valued in decision-making related to floodwater programs and projects.

Climate Resilience

Climate resilience in the water sector refers to the ability of water systems and management practices to withstand and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Cordoba Corporation collaborates with our clients to build a collective understanding of future challenges and opportunities related to water within a changing climate while also cross collaborating across our own sectors to implement creative approaches for water management and using context-specific methods to address water scarcity, floods, and other climate-related issues.


Gas Pipeline Integrity

Cordoba Corporation has become technical experts in assisting both private and public utilities in maintaining the reliability and safety of our pipelines. Through regulatory compliance, adhering to deadlines, risk analysis, data integration, and preventative measures, our clients look to our technical experts to assist in ensuring public safety with new advancements in technologies and techniques.

Energy Storage

Energy storage is a critical component of modern power systems, enabling efficient utilization of renewable energy sources and grid stability. Cordoba Corporation is assisting our clients in grid integration and optimization as well as through strategizing their pathway to supporting global climate goals who seek our expertise in navigating regulatory challenges and addressing considerations to advance sustainable energy solutions.

Grid Resilience

By utilizing strategic approaches, utilities can improve grid resilience and minimize outage duration. Cordoba Corporation has technical expertise in considering a mix of hardening and resiliency measures, addressing vulnerabilities related to specific weather events and also considering impact reduction. Through methods of underfunding, backup generation, micrograms, battery storage, and Distributed Energy Resources, Cordoba has helped our clients collectively improve grid reliability that impact entire regions of the State of California.


The State of California will receive up to $1.2 billion to accelerate the development and deployment of clean renewable hydrogen that will drive progress toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. Cordoba Corporation is at the forefront of assisting our clients make significant strides in the field of hydrogen energy and adapting to hydrogen adoption and meeting bold climate goals put forth by the state. We have positioned ourselves as a thought leader in the industry, recognizing the potential as well as the challenges of our existing infrastructure for hydrogen adaptability.

Carbon Capture

Cordoba Corporation effectively gives guidance paired with our technical expertise in implementing carbon capture while balancing environmental, and regulatory considerations. We help our clients understand how to integrate into existing operations as well as evaluate available technologies and selecting the most suitable approach. With experience in navigating complex regulations related to emissions reduction, we are able to guide clients with incentives as well as plan for financial viability to assist in their net-zero goals.

EV to Grid

Cordoba Corporations has an electric vehicle portfolio that showcases our expertise in assisting our clients who seek efficient, reliable EV-to-grid integration, while minimizing risks and maximizing benefits. With our extensive knowledge in grid reliability and stability and technical expertise in location-specific planning, we have a proven track record in ensuring power quality and real-time management capabilities that are paramount in assisting our clients participate in California’s clean energy transition.


Mass Transit

Cordoba Corporation partners with clients to build, upgrade, and enhance transportation initiatives that benefit our communities well into the future. Drawing on our extensive background in planning, design, and project and construction management, we help both public and private industry clients discover innovative solutions that make lasting contributions to society. Our holistic approach and commitment to social and environmental responsibility have earned us the confidence of local governments, agencies, and public-private ventures.


Cordoba Corporation has technical and subject matter experts in tunneling who hav extensive experience in tunnel design, construction, and management. Our clients value our knowledge influenced by technological advancements and project-specific requirements.

Highways & Roads

Transportation corridor planning involves a comprehensive approach to address the needs of communities. Our project and construction managers are relied upon to facilitate transparent and effective communication with partners, stakeholders, advocacy groups, and the public. Cordoba Corporation is local to our clients, allowing us to get fully immersed in identifying transportation system goals of the locality and region, to best understand objectives, performance measures, strategies, and priorities.

Public Transit

Cordoba Corporation understands the need to balance accessibility and community engagement when considering regional planning when it comes to projects that are related to public transportation. From engineering, design, compliance, program and construction management, to stakeholder engagement, Cordoba Corporation has provided services to multi-year, multimillion-dollar projects for major transit agencies.

Transit Oriented Communities

Cordoba Corporation successfully planned our nation’s first transit-oriented housing development in the City of Oakland. As subject matter expertises in urban planning and understanding maximizing transit ridership adoption by integrating transit services effectively, our extensive knowledge in creating development patterns around communities allow us to guide our clients with not only civil engineering services but also construction management and project management services.

Ports of Entry

The links between the United States and Mexico are of vital importance to the role in international markets. Accordingly, California-Baja California Border Master Plan is a binational effort to coordinate the planning and delivery of projects at land port of entries and the transportation infrastructure serving them. Cordoba Corporation’s expertise in conceptual design and cost proposal has allowed us to develop plans for our clients that optimize border infrastructure, enhance mobility, reduce congestion, improve air quality for border communities.

Education & Facilities

Colleges & Universities

At Cordoba Corporation, we go beyond theory, exploring tangible efficiencies on schedule optimization, ensuring spaces are right-sized, and the myriad benefits that come with strategic space use and assignment. With our deep knowledge and expertise on future-ready design, we take into consideration flexibility, sustainability, technology integration, resilience, and long-term cost efficiency, especially in a procurement environment.

Arts & Culture

Cordoba Corporation’s technical expertise in urban planning, economics, design, and construction and program management has allowed us to work on developing the most forward-thinking models within the industry.


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Our expertise in engineering and design, construction and project management, and project controls allow us to provide our clients with a range of services including Quality Control, on-call services, runway and taxiway rehabilitation, as well as infrastructure improvements. Cordoba Corporation has experience in taking projects from planning through construction, delivering well-balanced and cost-effective solutions. From San Bernardino International Airport to LAX, we have assisted in finding the most transformative and sustainable solutions and designs to assist our aviation facilities in creating a better experience for all.

Ports, Waterfront & Maritime Terminals

Cordoba Corporation has a wide spectrum of clients that include maritime developments. Our engineers and project and construction managers provide professional services that are innovative and cost-effective that meet program and budget goals that are paramount to our waterfront.

Featured Project

Maritime Academy

Public & Private Schools

As integral parts of multi billion dollar building and modernization efforts, we continue to provide both construction and program management expertise to help our clients’ vision that fosters an enhanced teaching and learning environment for our K-12 students.