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California High-Speed Rail – Rail Delivery Project (Test Template)

CArtist Rendering of California High Speed Rail Train


The California High-Speed Rail project is the most ambitious rail project in the country. It is expected to carry 31 million passengers a year and will be powered by renewable energy. The 800+ mile statewide high-speed rail system will provide intercity travel in California serving the major metropolitan areas including the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Valley, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, Orange County and San Diego. With top speeds of 220 miles per hour to connect San Francisco to Los Angeles in under 3 hours, the project will transform transportation in California and the United States.

Cordoba’s Role

Cordoba Corporation’s involvement with this essential project began literally ‘in the beginning’. George L. Pla, President and CEO of Cordoba Corporation, served on the first four-member California State Commission on High-Speed Rail, which convened in 1988. The Commission was responsible for the earliest guidance on concept and funding. Since then, our professionals have been integral to the work at each phase of the project. The Cordoba team has supported overall program management and has also been responsible for engineering management of specific segments of the alignment. Cordoba professionals provided project management and completed oversight of preliminary engineering and environmental clearance for the Merced to Fresno, Fresno to Bakersfield, Bakersfield to Palmdale, Palmdale to Burbank, Burbank to LA, LA to Anaheim, LA to San Diego segments of the alignment.


Cordoba Corporation’s Southern California team managed the oversight of all technical disciplines, including engineering, environmental, outreach, and stakeholder interface for the project sections from Bakersfield to San Diego. Cordoba’s staff reviewed and coordinated engineering submittals, updated project schedules and costs, developed design standards, coordinated with resource agencies and stakeholders, developed numerous options, and prepared exhibits and presentations to facilitate the communication of new design concepts to stakeholders and elected officials. The Southern California team also delivered the environmental documents for Bakersfield to Palmdale, Palmdale to Burbank, and Burbank to Los Angeles.

Cordoba Corporation’s Sacramento team managed the delivery of the Fresno to Bakersfield (FB) Notice of Determination (NOD), Record of Decision (ROD), and Surface Transportation Board decision. They also supported the Merced to Fresno (MF) environmental documentation needed for a heavy maintenance facility and maintenance of infrastructure facility. Cordoba’s specialists managed the CEQA/NEPA reevaluations for the MF and FB design refinements, led regulatory permit applications for the MF and FB sections and the wye section of the program. They also developed, negotiated, and implemented agreements to relocate conflicted facilities, right-of-way transactions, funding contribution, and operations and maintenance with cities, counties, Caltrans, freight railroads, utilities, and other third parties.


  • Program management
  • Engineering services
  • Permit applications for environmental and other regulatory agencies
  • Environmental planning
  • Environmental compliance, including mitigation for impacts to wetland, habitats, waterways
  • Right-of-way acquisition/certification and property management
  • Third-party and stakeholder agreements and coordination, including cities, counties, utilities, railroads, and irrigation/water districts
  • Contract management and administration
  • Program/Project controls
  • PMIS and records management