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Construction Management Services for Bond Program Projects


Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)




Oakland Unified School District’s Facilities Planning and Management Division oversees the capital improvement program for the district. This work is funded by voter-approved bond measures that include Measure B, $65 million, Measure J, $475 million, and Measure Y, $735 million. These facilities support the educational environment for over 34,000 students (90% minority and 58% disadvantaged) at 84 school sites throughout Oakland.

Cordoba’s Role

Cordoba Corporation has worked with OUSD since 1993, initially as a small, local business subcontractor on two consecutive contracts. Our earliest work for OUSD facilities included design management, architectural reviews, project management, and outreach services.

Cordoba’s current prime contract to provide construction management services started in December 2016. With a contract extension through recompete, the Cordoba team continues to support projects that range from play matting installation, roof replacement, infrastructure improvements such as sewer lines, to the construction of new buildings. The Cordoba team also supports the District with program management tasks such as advisory services regarding insurance and procurement programs, training District staff on new software, and updating the District’s Policy and Procedure Manual.

  • A significant project is Fremont High School, where Cordoba provided the CM team for this large incremental construction project. The$96 million upgrade to one of the District’s oldest schools, Fremont High School was touted as one of the largest construction management jobs in the East Bay region. Cordoba team members were recognized for their commitment to the success of the project and ability to respond to changes (such as the pandemic) while delivering a notable educational facility. The Fremont High School project earned an ENR Merit Award, winning the Best K-12 Education project in northern California as one of the most transformative high schools.
  • The Glenview Elementary School New Construction project included demolition of an existing 36,000 sq. ft. permanent building and related equipment, foundation, and site utilities. Construction of a new 52,000 sq. ft. two story building includes a lobby, administrative and student support offices and meeting rooms, a library and a multi-use room with a stage, kitchen and storage. Twenty-one (21) classrooms including two (2) special needs classrooms, three (3) kindergartens, one (1) flex classroom and fifteen (15) standard classrooms as well as support spaces, such as student and toilet rooms, storage, and MEP/low voltage rooms.
  • McClymonds High School was established in 1915 and is one of the most historic and well-known schools in the Bay Area. Cordoba provided CM services for several phases of a major renovation. The team worked through the needs of adapting to a historic building through both design and construction on an active campus. This included a historical architectural report, integrated scheduling and phasing, and implementing an effective logistical plan to accommodate students and the community. Cordoba construction management services included incorporating significant community involvement given the profile of this school. The primary component was to renovate the existing library into an innovative learning technology center. The center includes the Mack Café, a student/parent run beverage operation for the library.
  • Cordoba professionals provided CM services for the District’s Solar Initiatives Project. The District will generate savings in energy costs by installing solar cells and related equipment. The team worked with the local utility company (PG&E) to ensure effectiveness of the installation, tested battery backup systems, reviewed procurement documents, and developed procedures. Because installation work required complete electrical shutdown, scheduling was critical and had to take place on weekends to ensure educational activities were not impacted and safety maintained.


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