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Cordoba Corporation Celebrates Earth Day by Endorsing Proposition 68 to Protect Water, Parks and Natural Resources

As we look toward the weekend to celebrate Earth Day, Cordoba Corporation is pleased to announce its support for Proposition 68 (Prop 68), a general obligation bond on the June 5, 2018 ballot that invests $4 billion in the coming years to tackle some of California’s most important water, park, and natural resource needs.

Prop 68’s placement on the June 5th ballot was authorized by the Legislature’s bipartisan passage of SB 5 (De León) to address the growing challenges California is facing to our water supplies and natural resources. Importantly, Prop 68 provides for smart investments in local water infrastructure projects, drought preparation, flood prevention and park construction with a focus on protecting our economy and public health, and safeguarding California’s unique resources for the next generation.

Prop 68 will keep toxic pollutants out of our water supplies, clean up groundwater, and protect land around the rivers, lakes, and streams that are the sources of our drinking water.  The measure provides funding for projects to increase local water supplies through capturing more stormwater and recycling more water locally, and making local water systems more effective with proven cost-saving solutions.

Prop 68 will also fund green infrastructure projects that benefit disadvantaged communities as well as new recreational opportunities for people in underserved urban and rural communities, with a focus on neighborhoods with the greatest need.

“I am pleased to lend Cordoba’s support to Prop 68,” said Cordoba Corporation Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Randall D. Martinez.  “The measure makes smart infrastructure investments to improve our quality of life and protect our natural resources.  The focus on equity and ensuring that every community has access to quality parks and safe, clean drinking water is especially important, and we are honored to join the Yes on 68 coalition to support these important objectives.”

Prop 68 is endorsed by a wide range of environmental, health, business, labor, agricultural, community and equity organizations, as well as elected officials, water agencies, municipalities, park districts, museums, and newspapers.  For more information on Yes on 68, please go to:


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