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Cordoba Corporation Founder & CEO George L. Pla Partners Welcomes Consul General of Mexico Ambassador Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez

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Congressman Adam Schiff and Los Angeles Mayor Bass joined Cordoba Corporation and Founder & CEO George L. Pla who had the distinct honor of hosting and welcoming the new Consul General of Mexico in Los Angeles, Ambassador Carlos González Gutiérrez.

As a career diplomat since 1987, Ambassador González Gutiérrez has specialized in Mexican communities in the United States, as all of his designations abroad have been in the US.

The Consul General represents Mexico in Los Angeles and maintains diplomatic ties with local authorities, businesses, and organizations. They work to strengthen bilateral relations, promote cultural exchange, and address common challenges.

The evening brought together business leaders and distinguished guests to discuss the importance of strengthening bilateral relations, promoting cultural exchange, and addressing common challenges.

Mexico is the top U.S. trading partner, with bilateral trade totaling $263 billion in the first four months of 2023. In 2022, U.S. goods and services trade with Mexico reached $863 billion, making Mexico the second-largest trading partner for the U.S.