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Cordoba Corporation is honored to support the development of cultural facilities throughout California. These facilities help increase visibility of the important contributions diverse groups have made to the state and to the county. Our understanding of the value of diversity contributes to what we offer to the stewards of these facilities. We work as a partner, ensuring that each project progresses according to their needs and availability of funding. Our flexibility allows the organization’s boards and leadership to advance the project at a pace that meets the requirements for their funding and for community engagement.

Cordoba’s Role

Chinese American Museum ‑‑ The museum occupies approximately one-half of the historic Garnier Building, the oldest surviving building in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. Built in 1890, the building has a significant past, including serving as home to numerous Chinese business establishments and voluntary organizations. It continues to house many of those original groups but now includes the Chinese American Museum. Cordoba served as the Construction Manager for an expansion project that included two vacant ground floor bays totaling approximately 2,900 sq. ft. in floor area proposed to be built-out to accommodate new galleries. Cordoba’s construction professionals oversaw the renovations and upgrades to the expansion areas including HVAC, electrical, lighting, fire systems, walls and flooring, and interior details.

Mexican Museum ‑‑ Established in 1975, it is the oldest museum in the country focusing on Mexican, Mexican American, Latin American, and Chicano art. The Museum is poised to move into a permanent home located in San Francisco’s cultural hub (near the Yerba Buena Center). It will be an iconic center for gathering and exploration of culture for Latinx residents and visitors to San Francisco. Cordoba Corporation has been contracted to provide project and construction management services as the project moves forward. Our professionals have already provided advisory services as plans continue to be developed.

Dolores Huerta Foundation Peace and Justice Cultural Center‑‑The Dolores Huerta Foundation has a vision for a 30,000 sq. ft. multi-use facility in Bakersfield that will include services as well as a multicultural community space, youth lounge, café, video/music center, conference rooms, and an organizing institute. The project is planned to break ground in late 2024. Cordoba staff has been working with the Foundation in advance of construction providing initial conceptual budgeting and scheduling. We have also guided them through site selection and acquisition services and design management and permitting. What is unique about this project is that our staff worked with the Foundation to develop an “as-needed” approach to providing construction management support services. This enables the work to proceed while minimizing costs at a time when extensive fundraising is the priority.


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