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DEI Program Advisory Services

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Project Name

DEI Program Advisory Services





The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is the largest power utility and the second largest water utility in the United States. It also employs over 11,000 individuals and dedicates resources to ensuring it has a supportive and equitable work environment. LADWP sought to strengthen and better document its efforts to ensure diversity and inclusion and implemented a comprehensive review in 2021.

Cordoba’s Role

Cordoba provided senior advisory services focusing on internal and external diversity and inclusion efforts. This included developing a reporting process to accurately reflect the racial and gender make-up in every system, division, section and group and developing equity goals that are consistent with the customer base and population of the City of Los Angeles. Our approach started with background research including reviewing LADWP contractor/consultant diversity programs. The goal was to ensure firms are given an equitable opportunity to qualify and compete for opportunities and ensuring employee recruitment programs by facilitating purposefully resourced activities that result in the desired effect of increasing diversity in underrepresented areas. Our work relied on active and ongoing collaboration with LADWP leadership and stakeholders and documenting pertinent conditions for evaluation.


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