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SDGE Electric System Hardening (ESH) Program

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Electric System Hardening (ESH) Program


San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E)




SDG&E’s Electric System Hardening (ESH) Program focuses on reducing fire risk through various strategies like pole replacement, advanced monitoring, covered conductor, and strategic undergrounding. The program includes several sub-programs, each addressing different aspects of wildfire risk. They address high-risk factors such as pole replacement, conductor upgrades, undergrounding, crossarm replacement, and SCADA device installations to detect power line issues. These programs have specific goals reported to CPUC, ensuring compliance and goal achievement each year.

Cordoba’s Role

The main programs under the ESH Program umbrella are the Fire Risk Mitigation (FiRM) Program and the Pole Risk Mitigation and Engineering (PRiME) Program. Cordoba has addressed complex problems including rights-of-way issues, environmental challenges, joint pole issues, and material availability issues. The team has developed risk management plans and implemented creative solutions to ensure goals are met.

In 2017, Cordoba took over the FiRM Program after three other program management firms were unsuccessful in achieving the program’s annual goals. Cordoba’s responsibilities include project management; process mapping and procedures for the program; progress reporting and metrics development and implementation; resource management; job walks and stakeholder coordination activities (land, environmental, design, survey, etc.); post instruction inspection issue tracking and resolution; and project closeout.

As the program manager and owner’s engineer for SDG&E’s PRiME Program, Cordoba is responsible for all project management, design, and engineering (subcontracted), engineering and design QA/QC, permitting and environmental submittals, organizing and issuing work to construction, construction tracking, closeout support, and true-up (reconciliation). Cordoba worked closely with SDG&E and our subcontractors to successfully start-up and implement the PMO, focused on cost and schedule management, stakeholder management, subcontractor management, quality management and trending, data management, and coordination with other SDG&E programs – meeting or exceeding our key performance indicators (KPIs) annually. Cordoba provides QA/QC for all work products and developed tracking and trending tools to ensure continuous improvement of our team including all subcontractors.


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