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LA BOE On-Call Civil Engineering Services

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Project Name

LA BOE On-Call Civil Engineering Services

Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering




The Bureau of Engineering’s goal is to support Los Angeles to be the world’s most livable and resilient city. The agency is responsible for a myriad of City projects that are integral to this vision, including planning, design and construction management of public buildings and street and transit projects, and stormwater and wastewater systems‑‑the foundations of an effective and efficient city. For many of these projects, BOE uses a bench of consultants to provide civil engineering services, including engineering design, developing plans and specifications and estimates, project study reports, scheduling, and constructability studies, to name a few. In 2018, Cordoba earned a bench contract to provide on-call civil engineering services. Using BOE’s task order process, Cordoba has been awarded projects in the areas of street and transit programs.

Cordoba’s Role

Sidewalk Repair Program The City’s Sidewalk Repair Program (SRP) was allocated $10M to deliver the Sidewalk Repair – Access Request Acceleration Project, which addresses complaints regarding accessible route elements throughout Los Angeles. The scope involves remodeling existing conditions to meet ADA requirements and LABOE standards. Cordoba has been awarded several segments for project management and design services, including performing reviews and investigations of Access Requests, scoping and preparing plans, drawings, and quantities for construction. The team has also worked with the Bureau of Street Services Urban Forestry Division to finalize design plans. Designs needed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design, California Building Code (CBC) requirements, local, state, and federal requirements, including the City of Los Angeles Standard Plans. The team delivered the design of 6 packages, 15 sites each package. Due to the City’s need to comply with accessibility requirements right away, the team expedited the work and completed the work within 14 months. The City of Los Angles added additional scope which Cordoba received a change order to provide construction support services for the construction of these sites.


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