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Pathway to Success

Cordoba Corporation’s commitment to inclusivity and social justice was strengthened. After the summer of 2020, when we were all reminded of racial injustices brought to the forefront of our national consciousness Cordoba took a significant step in “Making a Difference,” by developing an internal program that addresses access to training opportunities and higher-paying jobs: Pathway to Success. Pathway to Success identifies talented individuals who face limited opportunities due to economic or racial barriers. Pathway to Success supports Cordoba’s commitment to growing diversity within the industry and giving back to the communities where we live, work, and serve.

Pathway to Success is designed to develop employable individuals by building them up to become valuable and successful employees for Cordoba, then our clients, and subsequently other firms. It aims to create an environment of support and growth that will open professional opportunities for talented individuals searching for career advancement in the construction management and engineering professional services industry.

Pathway to Success matches the individual with a mentor, and provides work/training assignments, online training modules, field trips to client projects, and lunch and learn sessions with Cordoba leaders and outside speakers. Each participant attends classes and seminars that help fill in educational gaps and enhance what they learn on the job. After receiving an employment assignment within one of Cordoba’s sectors, the participants train for six to nine months, learning skills required to be qualified for entry-level jobs within Cordoba or in external but related opportunities. As their assignment nears completion, each person receives a resume update and post-program job search assistance to earn a permanent full-time position at Cordoba or one of our partnering firms.

To date, Pathway to Success has graduated six participants from the program. All are in, full-time positions at Cordoba or at a partnering firm. Key to their development and success has been the engagement of Cordoba employees who have served as mentors, managers, and avid supporters of the program participants.

For more information about Pathway to Success, including potentially becoming a placement firm for participants, please contact Program Chair, Aundria Armstrong at 562-305-5420 or