• George L. Pla

    George L. Pla

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Genevieve  Vega

    Genevieve Vega

    Co-Director of Human Resources
  • Brad  Carter

    Brad Carter

    Vice President of Electric, Energy Sector
  • Hugo  Mejia

    Hugo Mejia

    Vice President of Hydrogen, Energy Sector
  • Terry  Nash

    Terry Nash

    Senior Vice President of Transportation Sector
  • Maria Mehranian

    Maria Mehranian

    Managing Partner
  • Randall D. Martinez

    Randall D. Martinez

    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Michael Boomsma, P.E.

    Michael Boomsma, P.E.

    Senior Vice President of Education and Facilities
  • Augustine Chung, J.D.

    Augustine Chung, J.D.

    Vice President of Transportation Sector
  • Sam Tenorio

    Sam Tenorio

    Senior Vice President


    Director of Programs and Policy
  • Michael Avina

    Michael Avina

    Director of Accounting
  • Scott Britt

    Scott Britt

    Director of Operations
  • Narbeh Issagholian, J.D.

    Narbeh Issagholian, J.D.

    Legal Counsel
  • Debby Kim

    Debby Kim

    Director of Corporate Communications
  • Randy Muyargas

    Randy Muyargas

    Director of Information Security, Systems and Technology
  • Ana Shannon

    Ana Shannon

    Director of Human Resources