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Citrus Community College




Citrus Community College, established in 1915, is a public community college in Glendora, CA serving LA County students. In November 2020, voters approved Measure Y, a $298 million General Obligation Bond measure to improve the quality of education at Citrus College. This Bond is vital to the community and students and their families to have an option for a reliable and affordable high- quality education. The facilities improvements to be funded by Measure Y were identified following an 18-month process where college stakeholders and facilities and administrative services staff, along with a team of external consultants, assessed the facilities needs of the college, resulting in a culmination of recommendations identified in the comprehensive 2020-2030 Educational and Facilities Master Plan.

Cordoba’s Role

Cordoba completed the comprehensive 2020-2030 Education and Facilities Master Plan Update, collaborating with stakeholders to realign project sequencing for more immediate benefits. The Cordoba team also completed the Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

Since inception of the bond program, Cordoba has worked with the college in all the planning stages providing estimates and schedules to leadership. We worked to sequence future projects and developed a preliminary schedule. When the Board of Trustees rearranged the schedule based on their priorities, we pivoted to revise the schedule. Cordoba has been deeply involved in coordinating these efforts and making presentations to the various groups. We have worked with the Physical Resource Committee, the Bond Citizens’ Oversight Committee, and staff throughout the planning. The planning has resulted in the scheduling of the first project that is currently in the design phase with construction to start in 2025. It will be their first project to use a design-build-deliver method. Additional construction management support services will be provided by Cordoba including planning, design, DSA, bid and award, construction and closeout support.




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