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SCE Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project – Chino Hills

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Project Name

SCE Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project – Chino Hills






Early work on transmission projects included services to connect renewable wind energy generated in the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area (TWRA) to the existing power grid in the Los Angeles basin. A significant barrier to tapping into this renewable energy source is a lack of adequate high-voltage transmission capacity to connect to the existing transmission lines that are located miles away from the TWRA. To address this need, SCE proposed TRTP in order to build the transmission capacity necessary.

The California Public Utilities Commission required a portion of the SCE’s 500 kV lines to be installed underground through the City of Chino Hills. This project marked the first installation of underground 500 kV XLPE cable in North America. In addition, it was the first time such cable was used in duct and manhole systems anywhere in the world. The project required the construction of 17,000 linear feet of duct bank, two transition stations (each approximately 3 acres in size), and several miles of permanent and temporary access roads.

Cordoba’s Role

The Chino Hills Undergrounding Project consisted of new and upgraded high-voltage electric transmission lines and substations capable of carrying 4,500 megawatts of electricity from renewable and other generators from Kern County south through Los Angeles County to San Bernardino County. Cordoba provided highly specialized underground cable splicing experts to assist with quality control and technology application oversight. The work included source inspection of tooling and materials and the verification of installation processes. In addition, Cordoba Corporation also provided experienced and qualified civil inspectors to assist with onsite quality control.


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