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Southern California Edison (SCE) Aerial Overhead Inspection (AOI) Program

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Project Name

Southern California Edison (SCE) Aerial Overhead Inspection (AOI) Program


Southern California Edison




Cordoba’s Role

Since August 2019, Cordoba has supported SCE by performing asset and circuit inspections of transmission and distribution assets across its service territory in high fire risk areas (HFRA). Our team is responsible for inspecting images and provide appropriate designations identified by SCE by priority and reports associated with any defects or “anomalies” identified on the structure and/or the line, our team has worked closely with SCE personnel to meet the needs of the Aerial Program.

We provide program tool development support, data collection, management, and data analysis to determine overall team performance and evaluate key performance indicators. Our team also performs quality reviews of completed inspections and develops training materials to share lessons learned and best practices with the entire team. The size of our team has fluctuated – from an initial team of six to a high of 42 positions – in support of the needs of SCE’s Aerial Overhead Inspection program. We were required to quickly staff-up for our original smaller team once the inventory of pictures became available. These inspections were completed within 90 days as requested.

Cordoba provides professionals for the roles of Qualified Electrical Workers, foremen, engineers, project coordinators, and senior construction specialists supporting both transmission and distribution. Throughout the program, Cordoba has strived to provide SCE with the quality of service, responsiveness and agility required to accommodate program changes.




Program management