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The Power and Strength of Agility: Q&A with Jessica Landon

The agile mindset is a thought process that involves understanding, collaborating, learning, and staying flexible to achieve high-performing results. By combining the agile mindset with processes and execution, teams can adapt to change and deliver incremental value to our clients.

In this Q&A, we connect with Program Manager Jessica Landon, to discuss how her ability to apply her expertise has shaped impactful solutions to numerous clients.

You have been with Cordoba Corporation for more than a decade. Please share a little bit about your journey with us from how you started and where you are today.

“I started with Cordoba as a construction management intern at LA Unified School District (USD) back in the Summer of 2006! In the Fall of that year, I landed a full-time position in our Transportation Sector on the LAX Runway 7L/25R Relocation & Central Taxiway project, and in 2008, I joined Roberto Ramirez in our newly formed Inland Empire office (back then it was in San Bernardino), helping manage projects for the Inland Valley Development Agency and East Valley Water District. In 2010, I joined the Bond Management Team at Long Beach City College and have been helping our Educational Facilities Sector clients ever since, including Inglewood USD, Oakland USD, Long Beach USD, Coast CCD, LACCD, and currently USC. I have had many titles in my almost eighteen years with Cordoba, such as Quality Control Engineer, Program Estimator, Project Manager, and Program Manager, to name a few.”

How has your agility shaped your approach on what you do?

“As a Program/Project Manager, being agile means being open to and ready for things not going according to plan. Letting go of preconceptions of what my role in a particular project/program is going to be. Being agile means identifying the goal of a project/program and continually correcting (or finding a new) course back towards that goal despite however many roadblocks or hurdles are placed in my way.”

Is there a project you’re particularly proud of?

“I’m particularly proud of the Millikan High School New 11000 Building & Softball Field, a Lease-Leaseback project we completed for Long Beach USD. As the PM, I partnered with the General Contractor and District representatives to deliver the project on the contractual substantial completion date (a rare event) and without utilizing any contingency monies (an even rarer event). More importantly, we helped our client fulfill their promises to their stakeholders, and Cordoba continues to partner with the General Contractor on other educational facilities projects.”

Why or what makes you proud to be a “Cordobian”?

“Ultimately, my fellow “Cordobans” are what make me proud to be a “Cordoban.” I am humbled by their technical expertise as well as their consistent leadership in the industry: successfully tackling complex projects, championing emerging technologies and techniques, and forging lasting relationships with our industry partners.”

Background of the Interviewee:

Jessica Landon is a Certified Construction Manager with two decades of experience who has helped managed some of the largest construction projects and programs in her home state of California, including the LAX Runway 7L/25R Relocation & Central Taxiway; Los Angeles Community College District’s BuildLACCD; and Long Beach Community College District’s Bond Management Team. In 2017 and 2018, Jessica took part in the C.A.S.H. School Facilities Leadership Academy. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree from the Catholic University of America (2004) and is currently a candidate in UCLA’s Landscape Architecture program, with an expected completion in 2027.