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Transforming Long Beach One Facility at a Time: Q&A with Hakim Chambers

Cordoba Corporation has a big role in the bond management program at Long Beach Community College District. Please tell us a little bit about what that entails!

“The Board of Trustees selected Cordoba Corporation as the Bond Management Team (BMT) to oversee and manage the construction program under the Measure E and Measure LB Bond Program and state-funded, scheduled maintenance projects.

The LBCCD BMT is dedicated to the support of all bond projects outlined in the LBCCD master plan which focuses on the mission of improving the economic development of the community through transfer, vocational, and lifelong learning opportunities in the community.

Our BMT members are personally committed to continue providing first class value through our unique boutique approach to Program Management services. 

It’s also important to note that LBCCD is one of Cordoba’s longest standing clients.”

This project is a $250 million that has been a long time coming. What is the significance of the recent vote and what is the significance of this stadium to Long Beach?

“The new Stadium Athletic and Sports Complex (SASC) will truly be a transformational project, not just for the campus and the city of Long Beach, but the entire South Region of Los Angeles County. The project will replace the existing Veterans Stadium & main Basketball Arena and support facilities which are both 70+ years old.

Is there a part of this stadium project you’re particularly proud of?

Yes, there is. I made a statement in front of the Board of Trustees that resonates with me at this stage in my career.

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish, when you’re not looking for the credit.” – Author Unknown.

What I get out of that quote is the sentiment behind it—encouraging selflessness and teamwork. Knowing who generates the best ideas, launches successful initiatives, and produces results that benefit the entire team, including the client. Humility is so valuable — and don’t get me wrong, we do give credit where credit is due!

I’m blessed to have such an amazing Team that has been working over the last 17 months on trying to get pre-construction approval on this stadium and obtaining success for our client. That’s what drives me, I really mean that. Nicole, Manish, Miguel, Farzam, Alex, Elizabeth & Soufiane, thank you for everything and making me better.”

Why or what makes you proud to be a “Cordobian”?

Where else can you do all of the things noted above and you get to go to work to figure things out with smart people? This is a great organization to work for and grow with. You get out of it, what you put into it. 

There are many challenges out there and if you’re able to find the joy in it – you can make a difference. I look forward to growing with the firm and helping others be the best versions of themselves.”

Background of the Interviewee: 

Hakim Chambers has been working in the PM/CM industry for the past 25 years, working across the country on large scale capital programs with a wide variety of project types.