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Two Years Later: An Update on Cordoba Corporation’s Pathway to Success Program

In August 2000, Cordoba Corporation initiated an innovative and unique program called Pathway to Success, a workforce development initiative created in response to the social justice issues that came to the forefront during summer 2020

The mission of the Pathway to Success program is to develop employable individuals from economically neglected or disadvantaged areas into valuable and successful employees for Cordoba Corporation and our clients. The program’s vision is to create an environment of support and growth that will open opportunities in the private sector for talented individuals searching for career advancement.

The Pathway to Success Program involved 18 months of paid training. Participants became proficient in the Microsoft Office suite of product and essential work skills and participated in job training opportunities in Cordoba Corporation’s various sectors. The program also included field trips to client projects, lunch and learn sessions with Cordoba Corporation leaders and outside speakers, and mentorship

Although the program was initiated during the first year of the pandemic, Cordoba’s Pathway to Success team members found creative ways to engage, gather safely, conduct training, and do virtual and in-person on-the-job training experiences. The program participants were not deterred by the constraints or the uncertainties of the pandemic. They rose to the challenge and found ways to develop a camaraderie with their mentors, supervisors and each other, even when pandemic constraints limited in-person interaction at times. This is a testament to their resilience, creativity and determination.

Earlier this year, six members of the Pathway to Success team graduated from the program. All are now in permanent, full-time positions at Cordoba Corporation supporting our clients or our Corporate Services departments. Key to their development, engagement and success have been Cordoba Corporation employees who have served as mentors, managers and cheerleaders for the program participants

To learn more about each of Cordoba Corporation’s Pathway to Success Program participants, please see below and please join us in congratulating them on their success!