road with electric transmission lines

Imperial Irrigation District S-Line 230 kV Upgrade Project

Imperial County, CA

Cordoba Corporation serves as Imperial Irrigation District’s (IID) Owner’s Engineer for the S-Line 230 Kilovolt (kV) Upgrade Project. The upgrade consists of the construction of a new 230 kV single circuit steel tower transmission line from the El Centro Substation to the Imperial Valley Substation and includes the necessary upgrades at each substation to achieve a normal rating of 786 MVA. IID is responsible for the construction of the 230 kV single circuit steel tower transmission line from El Centro Substation to Imperial Valley Substation as well as the necessary upgrades at the El Centro Substation. The upgrades at El Centro Substation include a new 300 MVA, 230 kV/92 kV substation at the existing switching station site. The related upgrades at the Imperial Valley Substation include S-Line termination to the existing structure as well as a new bus bay with associated protection, ground and communication work.

Cordoba Corporation is overseeing the technical and commercial due diligence aspects of the planning for the conceptual engineering phase through the final engineering phase, and our responsibilities include the review of the conceptual project plan, cost estimate, line alignment, line structures and foundations, right-of-way and land acquisitions, engineering standards, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) project requirements.

Cordoba Corporation is also responsible for the scope of work, the development of the technical scope, contracting, and construction. Additional responsibilities include constructibility review; engineering standards updates; requirements for the field inspection teams; engineering and design QA/QC; material procurement; project controls; and managing outage constraints. Cordoba will evaluate the in-service date, identify milestones for engineering and construction, and identify dates for receiving materials. The project is expected to begin construction in Summer 2021.