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Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Owens Lake Dust Mitigation Program

Inyo County, CA

Since 1998, Cordoba Corporation has worked on a number of phases of the dust mitigation program for the Owens Valley Dry Lake Bed, which is on the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s list of Serious Non-Attainment for PM10 emissions. The lake bed area is approximately 100 square miles and has been divided into phases, which include both remediation activities and infrastructure development and construction.

Cordoba Corporation’s involvement has spanned all phases of this ongoing project and has included the following:

Environmental Monitoring –– Our Environmental Mitigation Monitor was responsible for nine areas of environmental requirements.

Engineering and Planning –– As a member of the design team, Cordoba Corporation provided an array of engineering and planning services as part of the Dust Control Measures.

Research and Compliance Monitoring –– During subsequent phases, our team provided a variety of services in the construction and implementation of the required dust and air monitoring. Cordoba Corporation’s services included construction management.

Safety and Compliance –– Cordoba Corporation provided the Safety Manager who delivered Dust Awareness and Safety Training to all persons needing to access the Owens Lake Project.

Demonstration Projects ––Cordoba Corporation provided field supervision and labor during the installation of native grasses. Our staff participated in implementing the Tillage Demonstration Project, which controls dust without using water, saving 30,000 acre-feet of water annually.

For more information, please visit:  Dust Mitigation – LADWP Eastern Sierra

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