San Diego Gas & Electric Program Management Services – Electric Distribution Planning

San Diego County and Southern Orange County, CA

Cordoba Corporation was recently awarded a contract for San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) Program Management Services, as requested by Electric Distribution Planning (EDP), to provide overall program management services including project management and financial management/controls.

Program work will include monitoring procurement; providing financial controls management; design, project and construction management and other related activities; facilitating, coordinating, and managing the timely performance of work in accordance with schedules and requirements of the program; and monitoring the quality of services and workmanship. Cordoba Corporation is also charged with recommending any necessary courses of action to EDP when respective contractual requirements may not be being fulfilled.

Our program and project scope of work includes the oversight of planning, design, engineering, and execution of all project deliverables across multiple simultaneous work streams in support of EDP programs. Our Program Manager employs professional and support personnel with requisite expertise to assure the complete, timely, and high-quality performance of the obligations of EDP, and is tasked to provide information as requested by EDP; coordinate work efforts between all dependent departments, groups, teams and tasks; manage design requests, drawing progress, and environmental, jurisdictional, regulatory and other support tasks to ensure timely execution of activities through solution acceptance by stakeholders; execute planning, status and ad-hoc meetings as required; and provide meeting minutes, track and communicate risks and issues, and execute mitigating steps, as necessary.

Cordoba Corporation is also tasked with providing overall financial controls management to EDP. This includes management, oversight and developing weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports for submittal to EDP (with an agreed upon format); developing and managing detailed budgets that will be tracked against SDG&E’s financial systems; coordinating processes and procedures; managing scope and change management (as deemed necessary); and managing monthly cash flows and vendor and internal spend, including internal labor.