workers at project site

Southern California Gas Company Distribution Integrity Management Programs

Central and Southern California

Cordoba Corporation provides construction planning and design for Southern California Gas Company’s (SoCalGas) Distribution Integrity Management Program/Distribution Risk Evaluation and Monitoring System (DIMP/DREAMS) for the replacement of medium pressure gas mains and services.

Our team conducts job site visits and performs record reviews to plan the replacement of medium pressure mains and services. Cordoba Corporation’s additional responsibilities include coordination with key stakeholders and providing monthly performance measures reports to ensure effective and continuous performance improvement.

Contracted in April 2017, our team quickly responded with project staff and a new office location in Chatsworth – just minutes away from the SoCalGas Chatsworth Office – within six weeks of verbal award of the contract.

Our team has been quickly able to respond and adjust to changing priorities by expanding and reducing our staff, as necessary, based on project volume and work scope. While we have existing offices centrally located in Santa Ana and Los Angeles, our location in Chatsworth has allowed us to maximize production and project support for the SoCalGas DIMP/DREAMS team.