Foothill Transit Route

Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agencies Sustainable Highway Rating Program Evaluation

Orange County, CA

The Tesoro Extension will be approximately five miles long with two lanes proposed in each direction with a median wide enough for additional lanes or future transit options. The estimated construction cost of the project is $200 million.

As part of the project improvements, Cordoba Corp worked closely with the “Transportation Corridor Agencies” to ensure the project met all environmental requirements for the surrounding communities and habitat by implementing a sustainability rating system for the infrastructure improvements.

Cordoba Corporation was responsible for the evaluation of three different sustainability rating systems, making a recommendation, and evaluating the project to determine the costs and benefits of implementation. The Greenroads™ Rating System was evaluated for use for the SR-241 Tesoro Extension project.

Greenroads™ certification will ensure that throughout the life-cycle of the project, from design and construction to operations and maintenance, will adhere to best management practices which make progress and contributions to a more sustainable future while improving access and mobility in the community.