Move Management Services

Move Management Services or Relocation Project Management provides furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) coordination during project development, design, construction, and occupancy.  Relocation Project Managers are involved with the early development of furniture plans, to include thorough coordination and review of power/data/switching placement, integration of AV/IT technology, and signage.  FF&E coordination and selection during the early stages of project design provides tremendous Owner savings for both schedule and budget, while providing a better workspace for the end-user.

Relocation Project Managers oversee installation of all procured/existing FF&E relocation within the new facility as well.  This includes selecting furniture and move vendors, inventory of existing contents, and facilitates a plan for surplus recycle and or disposal.  Incorporating relocation project management services decreases the administrative burden often associated with managing a move while increasing stakeholder satisfaction upon completion of the project.

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