Planes at an Airport

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Taxiway Rehabilitation

Los Angeles, CA

Cordoba Corporation provided the Quality Control Program Administrator, who was responsible for developing and maintaining the overall QC program.  In addition, Cordoba Corporation inspectors ensured that all construction activities were performed according to specifications.  The project consisted of moving Runway 7R-25L and constructing a new parallel taxiway between the airport’s two south airfield runways in order to accommodate the two deck A380 Airbus. Work included removing existing deteriorated concrete and asphalt runway pavement; constructing Portland Cement Concrete and asphalt pavement; installing airfield signage, lighting systems, airfield pavement markings and storm drains; and improving related runway-taxiway intersections. The project also included installation of new runway navigational aids and making structural improvements to the Sepulveda Tunnel.

The 7L/25R Runway Project enhances safety and facilitates efficient operations at one of the world’s busiest airports and made it possible for the airport to accommodate the larger A380 Airbus. The improvements ensured that LAX complied with federal mandates that all runways at airports such as LAX (Title 14, CFR, Part 139 certified) meet Federal Aviation Administration Runway Safety Area design requirements.