San Bernardino International Airport Sign

San Bernardino International Airport Street Improvements

San Bernardino, CA

Cordoba Corporation has worked on several portions of the overall Infrastructure Improvement project at the San Bernardino Airport and the surrounding environs. The first of Cordoba’s assignments, the Street Improvements portion, consisted of PS&E design services for improving the existing roadway infrastructure along 3rd and 5th Street in San Bernardino, CA. The roadway improvements are approximately 4.0 miles which includes widening, reconstruction and restriping, drainage improvements, sidewalks, utility adjustments or relocations, streetscape and landscaping, traffic, signage, street lighting, and the design of two structural crossings over the City Creek bypass open channel.

In addition, improvements are being made to the parking. The roadway improvements associated with the parking structure are approximately 8,800 linear feet of streets, which included widening, reconstruction and restriping, drainage improvements. The parking facility improvements will include two surface parking lots, totaling approximately 1,300 parking stalls in the area surrounded by the new Airport Drive.

Lastly, in August 2015, Cordoba was awarded a contract for preliminary engineering, development of construction plans and specifications and construction support services for the construction of roadway/infrastructure improvement to the 3rd Street corridor between Victoria Avenue and Palm Avenue in San Bernardino County, California. The project includes pavement reconstruction and street widening/improvement, including curb and gutter; sidewalk, street lighting, and storm drain improvements. In order to comply with all current applicable codes and meet the Master Plans for ultimate street configuration from the Cities of Highland and San Bernardino, substantive addition and repair of existing roadway, infrastructure and utility relocation is required.

In addition to providing roadway PS&E, Cordoba staff also provides extensive multi-agency coordination, construction support, construction management services all under a fast-track design schedule.