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San Diego Gas & Electric – Electric System Hardening Programs

San Diego County and Southern Orange County, CA

Cordoba Corporation is San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E) overall Program Manager for Electric System Hardening (ESH), which consists of the consolidated management of two important programs — the Fire Risk Mitigation (FiRM) Program and the Pole Risk Mitigation and Engineering (PRiME) Program. Both programs include strategic planning, risk assessments, pole replacements, and overhead to underground conversion projects to proactively address fire risk by “hardening” high-risk wildfire and fire-prone areas, as further described below.

Cordoba Corporation is currently the Program Manager and Owner’s Engineer for the PRiME Program, which includes remediation of all poles within SDG&E’s service territory that are deemed high-risk. Cordoba Corporation is responsible for all project management, design and engineering (subcontracted), owner’s engineering services, QA/QC, permitting and environmental submittals, organizing and issuing work to construction, and construction tracking and true-up (construction reconciliation). We are leveraging best practices from the program as part of the development of SDG&E’s Program Management Office and to further align all distribution areas.

Cordoba Corporation is also the overall Program Manager for the FiRM Program, which involves proactively addressing fire risk by “hardening” the critical areas most at risk for wildfires within SDG&E’s Service Territory. Cordoba Corporation is responsible for project management, process mapping and procedures, progress reporting and metrics development/implementation, resource management, job walks and stakeholder coordination activities (land, environmental, design, survey, etc.), identification and reconciliation of California Public Utilities Commission General Order 95 issues, post construction inspection issue tracking and resolution, and project closeouts.